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Sight, hands down! I've thought about this long and hard many times before, and really sight is the most important sense to have, as far as functioning and staying connected in the world. Scientifically, humans depend on sight more than any other sense. But also take LJ and other internet sites for instance--I don't know what I'd do if I couldn't go online anymore, and for that sight is absolutely necessary! Plus I am a huge film buff, TV watcher, and reader, all of which again require sight, and which you can get by enjoying without sound (thanks to closed captioning in the case of TV/Film). And I am a very visual person in general--I go crazy taking pictures, trying to capture the visual surroundings of a place I'm in, and I would hate for all of the beauty of the world to be lost to me forever. And with things like lip-reading and sign language it is possible to keep communicating with loved ones, whereas if you lose your sight you could never see your loved ones again.

It would suck to not be able to listen to music, but I think I can remember enough of it to "listen" in my head. And taste/touch/smell are secondary--I wouldn't enjoy food as much, but hey, maybe I wouldn't be as picky of an eater then!

Icon chosen for emphasis on the eyes...;)
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Hmm, tough question! There are several that I'd like, like time-traveling, being able to transform into animals, being able to freeze time/everyone in a certain place, being able to turn invisible or fly....

I think though that the power I'd like most is that of moving from place to place in an instance with one's mind, like apparating in HP minus the spell part....SO often I find myself running late and thinking wistfully about how easy it would be if I could just be there instantly! So yeah, apparating would be my superpower, for lack of a better way to describe it! :)
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[Error: unknown template qotd] Yes, in fact I am still participating in a boycott against CBS ever since they declared my business and viewership to be unwelcome by canceling the only show I watched on CBS, Moonlight, back in May of 2008. CBS has never interested me much in the way of shows, but then a show finally came along that did interest me, very much, and which got decent ratings and had a good, devoted fan base of just the demographic they were aiming for (rocking the 18-49 category, women, etc).....only for them to go an cancel it, despite all of this and our valiant efforts. I actually did call and email and mail them many times, and did mention that this was the only show I watched on CBS, and if they got rid of it, then I would go as well (since their network would no longer hold any interest for me)--and I've kept my word.

So yeah, I continue to boycott CBS--if it's even on in a room, I will leave the room until the channel is changed. They didn't want my business, and I will oblige them. To quote once more the song that they themselves played in the promos for the final two episodes of Moonlight, and which fits the situation well:

No, we're not gonna waste another moment in this town.
And we won't come back your world is calling out.
We'll leave the past in the past,
Gonna find the future.
If misery loves company well,
So long, you'll miss me when I'm gone.

Won't look back,
When I say goodbye.

("When I'm Gone" by Simple Plan)
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[Error: unknown template qotd]Well a little while ago I would have said nobody, but since reading Charlaine Harris's vampire books and watching True Blood the answer is unequivocably Eric Northman from those series, the sexiest, greatest vampire of them all, hands down! ;)  Also since in this 'verse the bite wouldn't be to kill or to turn (neither of which I'd want, obviously), but rather is something sexual usually, all the better to receive a bite from him! :p

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[Error: unknown template qotd]Oh TV couples--one of my favorite topics, and definitely a question that I remember coming up here before in these WB things....well of the three couples listed in the question, my favorite it definitely Chuck/Blair (the only one I have seen also, to be fair), though they are not my overall favorite TV couple (especially given all the crap the writers pull out at times).  I think I'll still stand by my previous answer, and say that Cordy/Angel from Angel is my all-time favorite TV couple, but there are a LOT of contenders.  For instance there's Arthur/Morgana from Merlin, the "duo" that I'm currently celebrating in my banner and default icon, Lily/Rufus (also from Gossip Girl), Booth/Brennan from Bones (in their best moments, I haven't been so happy with what the writers have been doing with them at times), and Mick/Beth from Moonlight (icon), whose greatness as a couple I have recently fully remembered thanks to my ML marathon last weekend--these two in particular are just so well-matched, and their interactions are two adorable and filled with chemistry.  I'm SO glad that the writers played it safe and gave them a happy ending in the season finale so that when it turned into the series finale thanks to CBS's immense suckage and idiocy the series ended on a good note (I would have wanted to kill the writers if they had ended things badly between M/B!)
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It was actually Star Trek, which I saw a couple of weeks ago.  I had heard endlessly about how amazing it was, but even so I was surprised by well, how AMAZING it was! xD  I thoroughly enjoyed it, I'm so glad I went and saw it after all!  (I admit that I hadn't had much interest in seeing it despite the great reviews).  I hope they make more movies like almost makes me want to watch the actual series!  Also I loved the cast, Kirk and Spock provided quite the eye candy and I loved seeing Sean of Sean of the Dead and Harold from Harold and Kumar!  I really do love Simon Pegg, and had had no idea he was in this, so it was a great surprise.

And speaking of movies:  Can I just say how much more excited I am about the NM movie with these sexy, very J/B (yay!)-centric posters coming out? ;)  If it's even half as good as such posters promise it to be I will be very happy indeed....though I'm still worried, since NM is my fave book (and the J/B handbook practically), and it's Chris Weitz at the helm, whom I don't trust after "The Golden Compass", so we'll see....

Also the HBP movie is looming ahead....I hope that it's as good as the previews make it seem to be, though all the comments I've read from the people involved saying that the movie is going to stress the "romantic comedy" parts of the book (ie 'Sweet Valley Hogwarts', the weakest and cheesiest part for me) makes me doubt a little....

As for "Little Ashes" I never got the chance to see it, it disappeared too quickly!  Ah well, I suppose that's one to Netflix sometime....this way I can watch it dubbed without R!Pattz's awful accent...
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[Error: unknown template qotd]I couldn't resist this one, history buff that I am...I would live during my favorite era of history, the 16th century, the era of The Tudors, the Spanish Hapsbugs, the Valois....but above all the Tudors--you already know about my obsession there! ;)  I would love to see all of my favorite historical figures in the flesh, and see firsthand what their life was like, maybe wear one of those fabulous gowns.  But only temporarily mind you--I couldn't stand the sanitary, social, and political conditions for long....

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[Error: unknown template qotd]Hard to say....I've only seen three of the five nominees this year (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, The Reader (sadly dubbed), and Slumdog Millionaire), and all three were great.  I think it'd be between Benjamin Button--which I absolutely adored for its emotion, drama, humor, incredible special effects, historical settings, excellent acting, romantic and beautiful love story, and epic scale--and Slumdog Millionaire--which likewise had quite a beautiful love story (you can see the shipper in me coming out, lol), lots of emotion, drama, humor and excellent acting, as well as and interesting peek into life in the slums of India--it's incredible to think of all that still happening in modern times to me....I think either of those two deserves to win (and I know that Slumdog probably will based on what it's already won, and it'd be nice if it did based on its content and such), and would be happy if either did, though I think I might like BB ever so slightly more--it affected me more at the very least.  In any case, this is not like last year's Oscars where there was one clear deserved winner for BP--"There Will Be Blood"....

Man, am I sad and disappointed that I won't be able to see The Oscars this year--the television highlight of the year for me, my own Super Bowl (I don't give a damn about the real one), something I always look forward to all year, and which I have made a point to assiduously prepare for the last few years, seeing as many of the nominated movies as possible (I even made a point to see as many Oscar entries in the foreign film category this year as possible before there were even nominees or a shortlist), even this year when I won't even be able to see the ceremony live.  It's always a better experience when you've seen/are familiar with the movies up for awards, and when you can truly express an opinion about them all....The last two years I successfully saw all of the BP nods, and 3/5 is still decent this year, especially considering how late many of the movies that came out ages ago in the US came out here.

Anyway, I think I will follow cleolinda's live blog this year and track my picks and what is happening that way, since she's always such fun to read (though sadly reading her blog will be no substitute for seeing the eye candy that is Hugh Jackman, lol), and I'll probably hunt for clips and such tomorrow...I may ask someone in the US to tape it for me and watch it sometime over the summer.  At least I was able to get a minor fix for watching this kind of thing when I saw the Goyas (the Spanish version of the Oscars--they try hard, they really do, and it's kind of funny for it, but they end up failing to be as good as the Oscars--they are like a lamer version of the Oscars, though there were definitely some good Spanish movies up for awards...) in early February.

Oscar Whore that I am, I have many opinions/thoughts about other categories as well (almost all categories are important in my eyes), which I'll share here now:

My Oscar Predictions and Picks )My Oscar Predictions and Picks )My Oscar Predictions and Picks )

In any case, we'll see!  (Me after the fact, unfortunately!)  Only what, a little over an hour now until the red carpet?

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[Error: unknown template qotd]For being the worst president in history--even below Buchanan.  No joke.  He has been a disaster from the start, and I'm thrilled to see the last of him.  Seriously though, I have been waiting for this day to come for SO long, it's hard to believe it's finally here!  (Seriously, back in 2000 before the election I even wrote an essay about why Bush shouldn't be president, to show how ready I am for him to be gone....:p).  I hope now that Obama can help fix the mess Bush has made--at least he's begun by fixing America's reputation abroad.....

Icon is related since Bush also bumped Bones last week--a parting shot of irritation from him!  So now we have to wait until this week....and I really don't have time to watch an extra epp, though I sure I'll end up doing so anyway.

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[Error: unknown template qotd]Well obviously I couldn't resist answering a prompt about my favorite TV couple, as hard as that is to say.  I think overall I still have to go with Cangel (Cordy/Angel) from Angel the series as my all-time favorite TV couple;  however there are several other biggies that come close, and which may displace Cangel someday: first among them being Chuck/Blair and Booth/Brennan from my current TV shows of Gossip Girl and Bones respectively, though I can never forget Mick/Beth from Moonlight or the Epic LoVe of Veronica/Logan on Veronica Mars!  I've probably been equally obsessed with all of these couples (except perhaps M/B, cute as they were) at one point or another.....:p

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Well I don't actually have writer's block (I specifically came on to post about something else--which I will precede to do after this!), but I couldn't resist this question....

[Error: unknown template qotd] It depends--in general I think I find vampires more interesting (though werewolves are still awesome as well, as long as they become full wolves and not lame wolfman-looking things--think Oz on Buffy! :P), but if we're talking about the Twilight-verse it's *definitely* WEREWOLVES--the vampires there are just lame and annoying, but the La Push gang and Jacob rock! :D

When I was younger though I did like werewolves a lot more, because I wanted to turn into animals and stuff (why do you think I was an Animorphs fan? ;)).  I specifically remember being blase about Barnabus on "Dark Shadows" for example in the few glimpses of the show I got, while I was very interested in Quentin *because* he was a werewolf.  And there are some cool werewold stories out there like "Blood and Chocolate" by Annette Curtis Klause, or "Bitten" and "Stolen" (and I would assume "Broken," though I haven't had the chance to read it yet!) of the awesome "Women of the Otherworld" series....and if it was which I'd rather be, I'd definitely prefer being a werewolf!  But these days I think I prefer vampires in all really depends on the universe and the story though.  It seems that in most cases either vampires or werewolves are cooler/better done and developed, except perhaps for "Underworld" (but even then the werewolves were like street thugs, and much less awesome than the vamps).

Can anyone think of a book/movie/TV show though where one of the other wasn't lamer?  I mean, even in the "Women of the Otherworld" series I think the vampires are a little weak, or not as interesting, while on Buffy the werewolves are the lamest costume of any of the demons! And so on....


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