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Here is my gift for the lovely [ profile] sumrndmgrl, made for the [ profile] cesare_lucrezia Holiday Gift Exchange. I hope you like it, hun! :)

Title: Confessions
Fandom: The Borgias
Pairing/Characters: Cesare/Lucrezia, Cesare, Lucrezia
Rating: M
Warnings: Incest, obviously
Word Count: 327
Prompt: "Sexytimes in the church (confessional booth is the obvious place)"
Summary: Lucrezia has a confession to make to Cesare...
Notes: I have been thinking about writing this since season 1, so thanks for the great prompt! And thanks to [ profile] rosaxx50 for beta-ing on short notice.

"Bless me Father, for I have sinned--" Lucrezia broke off with a nervous giggle. "Forgive me, Cesare, but it is strange to call you 'Father.'"

The corner of Cesare's mouth quirked upwards. "Is that not why we are supposedly here, my love, so that I may forgive you?" Not that Lucrezia ever need ask Cesare for forgiveness; he could never hold anything against her. "But I imagine that you had another matter on your mind when you asked me to hear your confession," he continued drily.

"Of course." Lucrezia closed her eyes and took a deep breath, as if gathering her nerve. "The truth is, dear brother, that I have gravely sinned in thought, and feel tempted to sin in deed as well..."

"What grave sin would that be?" Cesare asked, amused.

"Incest." Lucrezia opened her eyes and squarely held Cesare's gaze. "I'm in love with my own brother."

Cesare froze. His insides churned, warring emotions swirling in his mind. Relief that it was not only him, that she too experienced these unnatural feelings and impulses. Unease that like him, she was tainted by such feelings. Excitement. Fear. Joy.

"Cesare?" Lucrezia frowned slightly, trying to read the emotions flitting across Cesare's face.

"I..." Cesare swallowed. "I fear that I cannot help you avoid that sin. I am guilty of it myself."

He moved into her side of the confessional and kissed her, his hands entwined in her long, bright hair. Lucrezia returned the kiss with enthusiasm. When they broke away for breath, a wicked grin spread across Lucrezia's face.

"Well, does God forgive me, Cesare? What must my penance be?"

Cesare smiled. "Yes, sis. I absolve you from your sins..." He kissed Lucrezia's forehead. "In nomine Patris..." he lowered his face to kiss between her breasts, "et Filii..." He moved up to kiss each of her shoulders in turn. "Et Spiritus Sancti. As for penance..." His eyes glinted mischievously, the world suddenly full of new possibilities.

I'm still a beginner in fanfiction, so comments are love. 2 holiday exchange gifts down, one to go!

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