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On this tragic date last year, the series finale of The Borgias was released on Showtime's videoplayer. ;_; I can't believe it's already been a year since we had the last new material from The Borgias (Jordan's awful fanfiction doesn't count), and the fandom came to a close. Watching GoT especially makes me miss this superior show.

In any case, I still haven't formally posted my reactions/thoughts on the last two episodes of the show, so I think I will mark this anniversary with those:


You know where the scandal is. )



Let us all have a moment of silence in memory of this wonderful show, RIP. Also let's start a prayer circle that Fran├žois will get another project and return to our screens soon. I think I might need to do a full rewatch soon, since it's all on Netflix streaming now. Fittingly enough, I am in the middle of finally reading Christopher Hibbert's The Borgias and Their Enemies: 1431-1519 at this time, which is also making me miss the show. Like I just read past the part where it discusses how Cardinal Sassypants Sforza made an alliance with Rodrigo in exchange for the position of Vice Chancellor. How I wish I had his sass and epic expressions still in my life. I'm also feeling nostalgic about [ profile] cesare_lucrezia, so here is my first post there, a discussion about when people started shipping C/L and if anyone thought they would actually ~go there. Pretty funny reading in retrospect, knowing that they did indeed do so! ;)

+ Speaking of GoT, there's not really much to say about 4x09 except that it was even more fucking boring than I expected...

We should have stayed in that cave. )

RME too at what HBO submitted to the Emmys for GoT, particularly in terms of the actors nominated--Kit and Nikolaj but no Alfie, who was frankly the only actor who deserved any recognition? I sincerely hope they don't get any nods outside technical ones, that is all they deserve, and that they have ever deserved (but especially now after such a flop season). Whereas The Borgias deserved more. The nomination for prosthetics next epp though excites me--it must be LS, surely?!

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Ugh once again I find myself angry and disappointed by the Emmy nominations, I don't know why I even bother to expect anything different...*sigh*

My main beef is the way The Borgias once again got snubbed in all of the major categories, especially acting when such average performances as Mr. Bates, Anna, and the Earl of Grantham got recognized, what the hell?! I mean I love me some Downton Abbey, even enjoyed season 2 unlike most of fandom, but it certainly did not deserve to get SO many awards, especially at the expense of better shows that were ignored. (And if they wanted to insist on giving it that many acting ones, they couldn't have given nods to the more talented cast members like Laura Carmichael?) Michelle Dockery can get it though, hope she wins. And I hope The Borgias at least win in some of the technical categories it was nominated in, like music (the music in the finale was stunning) and costumes...should have been nominated for art direction too (one of the most beautiful shows I've ever seen), but oh well. It irritates me though when I see people complaining that Game of Thrones got screwed over or "hosed" because hello, YOU GOT BEST DRAMA AND BEST ACTOR THAT IS PRETTY MAJOR FOR A GENRE SHOW! /rant

Also rooting for Community to win for "Remedial Chaos Theory" (glad it got that at least, ugh) and for Veep (which was very funny and deserved recognition, though I feel it had a big advantage being on HBO, which seems to be where the nominators look first regardless of quality). And I was delighted to see Portlandia nominated for "One Episode More" (the BSG epp, and the only one I've seen actually, lol), because it is so accurate and clever! ;) But yeah, I don't think I will be watching, as usual. It's funny, I watch so much TV these days, and yet the Oscars are still a much bigger deal for me.

+ After 2.5 months of working on it, I finally finished reading Game of Thrones! Unfortunately too late to read the copy of ACOK I borrowed from my GG-and-GoT-loving classmate, since there's only 2 weeks (!!) left in the program and she moves away right after...but I'll find it somewhere else. I'm just happy to be finally done, each of these are so damn long it feels like a real accomplishment, lol.

I was impressed by how well they condensed this monster into the TV show and keep it mostly faithful. I wonder though, will we ever learn more about certain things like Rhaegar and Lyanna (what did she want Ned to promise her?), etc? Because that was a bit of intriguing backstory for me that was mostly cut from the show and which I wanted to know about...and then Ned died before dreaming more about it. :/ But looking back, I do think that aside from Roz and the sexposition scenes a lot of the things HBO added improved on the book, like showing Renly and Loras (explaining why he decided to contest for the crown and showing their relationship) and giving us more insights into Cersei, like that scene with Robert...

And of course Dany/Drogo was waaaay more shippable in the show, IMO, aside from the first scene. I found in interesting the way HBO changed that one scene where she tries to convince her husband to try to take the Iron Throne for her, making it into that intimate scene of her doing his hair when in the book they've just finished sex--amazed that HBO didn't take advantage of that for their usual female nudity quota! Also just the acting, the pain and panic in his voice when he almost lost her, which doesn't translate as well in the books...

One thing I found just as shippable though (if unrequited) was Dany/Ser Jorah...loved how desperate he was in the end when he thought she was going to kill herself! Honestly I don't find much that's shippable in this book so I have to go with what I can. Likewise Jon Snow was JUST as annoying and emo and useless in the book as on the show, contrary to what I had heard. The only way the books are better is that on the show he looks like he's in his mid-20s while he's acting 15, which makes it all so much worse.

Oh and it was nice to have everyone's names spelled out this time, made it easier to follow than it is on the show...for example I totally did not catch that the guy who torments Jon Snow on the wall, Yoren, was the same guy who helped Arya escape from King's Landing. And getting Sansa's inner voice was very interesting, you can better see how her whole worldview changes...

From a cursory flip-through ACOK though, did they move all the Jaimie and Brienne stuff from SoS into season 2 then? :s Since I notice they didn't have POV chapters in book 2...

+ I also finally finished watching Arrested Development for the first time, after starting it on Netflix about a year ago, lol. I hadn't known s3 wasn't a full season so the end took me by surprise....not sure how I feel about some of the twists, but it made for a good finale. I kind of worry about how the "new" season will be, thought it's neat they are actually bringing it back!

+ And finally I snagged this "Guess the Ship" meme from [ profile] rosaxx50 (I meant to do this when it emerged like a year ago, but um better late than never):

(1) Think of 15 ships you support.
(2) List them using descriptions of the characters involved rather than their names.
(3) Have your f-list guess as many of the ships as they can.

1) London teen helps war survivor heal from trauma as they hold hands through time and space. (Doctor/Rose guessed by [ profile] sunnytyler001)

2) Brother and sister are each other's romantic ideals and the only other ones who understand each other's literary references. (Cesare/Lucrezia guessed by [ profile] sunnytyler001)

3) Co-dependent king and ward are miserable without each other's love despite their ever greater clashes of wills. (Uther/Morgana guessed by [ profile] sunnytyler001)

4) He continues to see and interact with his non-human girlfriend after her death, sometimes holding hands with thin air in public. (Jeremy/Anna guessed by [ profile] rosaxx50)

5) A pair of young people from very different parts of the city find companionship and love through mutual intellectual interests. (Dan/Blair guessed by [ profile] rosaxx50)

6) Two curly-haired dead flatmates feel alive when they're together. (Mitchell/Annie guessed by [ profile] sunnytyler001)

7) A couple of pirates with intense chemistry are more alike than either is willing to admit. (Jack/Elizabeth guessed by [ profile] rosaxx50)

8) An egoist unexpectedly falls in love with someone besides himself; she falls for him too despite her mission and beliefs. (Gaius/Six guessed by [ profile] blasterboy606)

9) He makes her feel warm and whole and helps her cope with a devastating loss; she breaks his heart. (Jacob/Bella guessed by [ profile] rosaxx50)

) He's rebelling against Heaven, she seeks power through the Church; when they're not trying to kill each other, they make out. (Marisa/Asriel guessed by [ profile] rosaxx50)

11) Two nerds can relate to each other's pasts of unleashing apocalypses through hubris and alliances with demons. (*~SASSY~* guessed by [ profile] probing_grays)

12) Two best friends often know what the other is thinking without speaking a word and are fiercely loyal to one another. (Harry/Hermione guessed by [ profile] rosaxx50)

13) A criminal mastermind and a female police agent gradually develop friendship and romantic feelings despite being different species from different worlds. (Artemis/Holly guessed by [ profile] hmsharmony)

14) Two kids grow closer while fighting in a war together, but are still too shy and awkward to ask each other to the school dance. (Jake/Cassie guessed by [ profile] probing_grays)

15) A warrior and a seer become best friends and then something more, though outside forces prevent them from ever being together. (Cordy/Angel guessed by [ profile] rosaxx50)

Also someone please rescue me from Tumblr.
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This past week had several important and noteworthy book-related events for me, namely 1) finishing Mockingjay at last, and then 2) finally seeing some exciting news about the plots and release dates of the final book in the Georgina Kincaid series (one of my all-time faves) AND about the forthcoming VA spinoff series (which I've been dying to know about since finishing The Last Sacrifice last December)!

First, let's talk about the Richelle Mead-related stuff, beginning with the VA spinoff news...(which I took the liberty of finally getting myself an Adrian/Rose icon for, since I now have the space and a D/R icon just isn't appropriate for this post! ;)):

Spoilers for new series and VA #6: The Last Sacrifice )

And then, after squeeing about having that summer blockbuster book to look forward to, I suddenly notice that the final Georgina Kincaid novel, apparently called Succubus Revealed, is coming out exactly one week later on August 30!!! (Or who knows, maybe it will come out earlier than that, with this series they often do show up early in bookstores). \o/ <333 I can't's going to sure be a summer (or rather, month?) of Richelle Mead! :p I kind of wish that these two big summer releases were spaced out a little further apart in the summer, but on the other hand I'm going to have more free time in August than earlier to read them, so maybe it's just as well...I'll have to read the first one pretty fast to make sure I'm done in time for the GK novel! ;)

The book description for the GK book is also now on the website and quite interesting...

Cover and Description for GK#6, spoilers for #5 )

Also I must as always take a moment to pimp both of these series, but especially the Georgina Kincaid series, starting with Succubus Blues, (since fewer people I know read it, lol), to anyone who loves supernatural/urban paranormal stuff...they are SO entertaining and funny/witty (the best of Secret Diary of a Call Girl or Buffy, what have you in terms of biting wit), but also have a fascinating supernatural verse and memorable cast of characters (which for instance an OCD Martha Stewart-wannabe vampire and an Archdemon boss who is a secret John Cusack fan and drinking buddies with the area's Archangel that he used to know before he fell from grace and became a demon and all--such a cute bromance, lol), and some really compelling drama and well-written romance all at the same time. I don't know if I've ever enjoyed a book series as much as I've enjoyed reading many of the books in this one.

And then there's Mockingjay...O_o  Big Spoilers Ahoy!

You love me. Real or not real? )

I remember reading a F!S a while back (when I still read them, lol) that claimed THG was just like Animorphs--which is a ridiculous claim, but I admit that with this comparison on the mind as I finished this book, I did see several parallels between both series in terms of events, themes, moral quandaries, gritty realism, etc--all of which just show why both series are memorable and a cut above the average YA series:

Brief meta about The Hunger Games and Animorphs, MAJOR spoilers for Mockingjay and The Beginning (#54)!  )

Speaking of The Hunger Games, while I was going to reserve judgment on the movie even with the questionable actors cast in the male roles (I only know JH from playing the evil douchey Steve in the Cirque du Freak movie, hard to imagine Peeta from that role, lol), the new spoilers about the script and what has been changed are making me begin to actually think this movie will be terrible, the script sounds in parts like a badly written fanfic...:/  Anyone else see them?

And lol, since beginning this post I now see that the next Sookie Stackhouse novel is also coming out soon at the beginning of May and has a description out?  O_o  Just book news galore this week...

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Ever since I learned that there was a seventh Artemis Fowl coming out this summer (they always seem to surprise me, I guess I need to follow this kind of thing more closely!) I have been excited and nervous at the same time, wondering where Colfer planned to go with the romance after what had happened in the last book…

Artemis Fowl #6: The Time Paradox Spoilers )

But this excerpt from the plot summary/description of the 7th book gives me great hope…

AF Book 7 Spoilers  )

The only thing I am not very happy about in regard to this book is its ugly-ass cover, which is in a completely different style from every other book in the series—I really hate it when series’ cover art changes mid-series, like it did with VA as well, but at least those changes weren’t as bad as this one…*sigh*  This will definitely be the biggest book release of the summer for me!

Anyone else here read Artemis Fowl?
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So I keep meaning to post here about True Blood season 3, and I might as well catch up and do so now! This year marks the first year where I am able to watch every episode live on TV, which is awesome.

While I was pretty lukewarm about the season premiere, things have definitely picked up since then...Here are my thoughts about each of the first three epps.

TB 3x01

Conscience off, dick on! )

TB 3x02

I keep expecting Bill to come through the door and say "SOOKEH!" )

TB 3x03

It's not me it's you?! If I had a nickel for every time...I'd have 15 cents. )

In other news, my mom picked up Wolf Hall from the library on a 21 day loan, and I promptly stole it from her and began to read it (since I keep hearing such great things about it!). Hopefully I'll find time to read it before it's due, it's such a thick book...
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So several weeks ago (pretty much two days after I bought the book on 5/18) I finished reading the latest Vampire Academy book, Spirit Bound, and I wanted to give my thoughts on it here, late as they are.  (I have been really busy, and still am, but am procrastinating right now anyway! ;)).  Spoilers below, obviously....

I'll unleash romantic surprises every week, such as: an impromptu picnic, roses, or a trip to Paris--but not actually any of those things because now they're not surprises. )

Anyone else here read it?
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Well summer officially ended last Tuesday, and so I suppose it's time to make my end-of-summer-reading post. Overall I read a decent amount, and got most of the main books on my personal summer reading list read, with the exception of Jacqueline Carey's Naamah's Kiss, of which I still have about 75 pages to go, unfortunately.....I intended this to be the summer of Jacqueline Carey and Richelle Mead, my two favorite authors at the moment, because I was reading more than one book by each author this summer, but my reading list got unexpectedly hijacked by Charlaine Harris' Southern Vampire or Sookie Stackhouse series, all 9 of which I also ended up reading this summer, while I also caught up with season 1 of TB and watched all of season 2--so one could say that this past summer was the "Summer of Sookie," just as I've dubbed some past summers as "The Summer of Buffy" (when I watched Buffy seasons 1-5 for the first time) or "The Summer of Harry Potter" (when both the 7th book and the 5th movie came out within a few weeks of each other and I got into FictionAlleyPark)! ;) Or, given the vampiric nature of the majority of the books I read by Richelle Mead, my viewing of the British series "Being Human" for the first time, and all the NM trailers and news, perhaps it could just be summed up as "The Summer of Vampires", period. :p

My Summer Reading List 2009 )

I'm not sure when I'll be able to finish that book or City of Bones, since I'm so busy now....but yeah, I decided to check out The Mortal Instruments series as well, checking out the first book from the library, since I have heard so much about it on BF and around fandom....I'm halfway through the first book and it's gotten better, and is certainly intriguing, although I'm not fond of the overly-descriptive and flowery writing style, and think that it is definitely "inspired" by Harry Potter (which of course we all *know* Clare has read!). I still can't get over the fact that an infamous fanfic author and BNF like her is now actually writing published original fiction...

But back to Vampire Academy: It took me a little while to get into the first book, but once I did I was hooked, and it was quite an exciting read....I love that I was actually shocked by *two* plot twists at the end, it's nice to have unpredictability like that in a novel these days, especially a YA one! And the rest of the series has gotten progressively better with each book, with the latest two books, SK and BP being particularly fantastic and epic. I actually think I liked the fourth VA book better than the fourth GK book in fact, which is pretty significant since overall I have so far enjoyed and liked the GK series better than the VA books, even though the VA series is great as well! I would highly recommend it, don't judge it by its cheesy-sounding name, it's very a very smart and interesting series, with some memorable characters, just like GK. My favorites are Adrian, Christian, and Dimitri (in that order); I did not like Rose at first, but she has now grown on me....

Spoilery Review of Blood Promise )

Oh and I was also lucky enough to actually get to see Richelle Mead in person at a signing a few weeks ago on September 9!!! It was wonderful to be able to meet her in person (especially after having met my other fave author, Carey, a couple of years ago), and to get books signed by her (I got GK 1 and 3 and VA, SK and BP signed, with BP personalized). I may get around to loading pictures and more someday....
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OMG speaking of Sevenwaters from my last post, there's going to be a new sequel to the Sevenwaters Trilogy by Juliet Marillier!!!! *dances and jumps for joy*  It's called Heir to Sevenwaters.  I can't believe it, I thought the trilogy was over and done with back in 2002 when I finished the last one (especially with it's epilogue and all), but it appears not!  And not only is a new one coming out, but it's coming out THIS week--next Tuesday in fact! (Otherwise known as US Election Day! :p)

Though the description doesn't sound as intriguing as I'd like (I never would have expected her to be the next protagonist!) I still can't wait to read it, given how incredible the other ones were.  We still should be seeing old favorite characters like Liadan and Bran and Conor (he's been in every book, he can't miss this one surely!), given the timeline, and it'd be nice to see what's going on after the end of the last one.  I really hope it lives up to the rest of the any case, with this I have found a new item for my Christmas list! ;)  (Unless I can find a UK English copy in a store here, since the UK release is the same date as the US one!)

I was so excited I made the above icon of Sorcha for this post (and for all future Sevenwaters posts)--I am pleased by how it turned out as well...
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I found this meme on LJ (thank you [profile] jenuhlyn!) and found it interesting, even if I think the list of books included is a little random (especially in some of the modern books it chose). 

The Big Read thinks the average adult has only read six of the top 100 books they've printed below.

01. Look at the list and bold those you have read.
02. Italicise those you intend to read.
03.Underline the books you LOVE.
04. Strike-through the books you consider unreadable.
05. Reprint this list in your own LJ so we can try and track down these people who've only read 6 and force books upon them.

Here are my results:

Speaking of reading, I've been doing a lot of re-reading lately now that I'm reunited with all my books (especially the Kushiel ones, after having just finished that series with Kushiel's Mercy!), as well as making progress in Broken, the next Women of the Otherworld book I have to read (I'm a little behind in that wonderful series) which focuses once again on the first heroine of the series, Elena the female werewolf.  It's interesting to compare to the pack in the Twilight books...

I feel like reading a more realistic fiction book right now though, and am especially eager to read the recently released debut novel The Story of Edgar Sawtelle, which is based on Hamlet (my favorite Shakespeare play, recently made into the most hilariously bad musical rock opera EVER!), and  which seems really good and compelling from the glowing reviews and the excerpt I read in a free publication recently.  Plus it's a dog story, and I love dogs too!  Hopefully the library will have it (and not checked out!) Monday, or I'll be spending a while in Barnes and Noble reading it...;)

I'm also interested in reading The Stolen Child by Keith Donahue, which I remember seeing in the store a while back, but which has recently caught my attention also is highly rated and looks interesting, being about a changeling; it reminds me of The Moorchild, one of my all-time favorite books which I've re-read more times than I can fact, just thinking of this new book makes me want to re-read Moorchild again! :p


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