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This is my [ profile] bsg_epics holiday exchange gift for [ profile] sira01, who requested Laura Roslin and 'badassness.' IMO Laura is at her most badass self when she is shutting down coup d'etats with a "bitch plz," remaining defiant and in charge despite the odds! ;) I hope you like this little picspam of my favorite two HBIC!Laura moments. Spoilers for seasons 1 and 4:

So if you want to stage a coup, you're gonna have to come over here and arrest me... )

Screencaps from [ profile] daydreamingnet.

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So there's this meme going around:

a) Reply with "Fuck yes fierce ladies (and awesome dudes, too)" and I'll give your four fandoms.

b)Write about your favourite character(s) for each fandom.

[ profile] sunnytyler001 gave me "Doctor Who, The Borgias, SPN, and Dollhouse"!

By the end you are going to notice a pattern, I think...;) I have a type. All gifs from Tumblr, none of them mine...

Spoilers for Doctor Who, The Borgias, Supernatural, and Dollhouse )

I had hoped to post this earlier, but I got totally distracted by the epic win of the Supernatural season 6 gag reel...:p

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So ever since seeing these two promos for Supernatural and Merlin respectively, I thought it was funny how Sam and Merlin both do their ~magic~ using an outstretched hand. Thus when a crossover challenge came up on [ profile] merlin_land I couldn't resist seeing who would win in a Sam-Merlin ~magic hands~ duel, just for cracky fun! ;)

We've seen before that Merlin can rival Sam in bitch!facing department, but can he beat Sam mano a mano?


BTW, if someone made a gif of these two dueling with their hands that would make my life! :D
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I made this little minispam for a challenge at [ profile] bbcland a while back, and since the voting is finally over and stuff (it tied for first with two others!), I wanted to share it here.  One of my favorite scenes from "The Lodger," which is perhaps my favorite episode of season 5! :D  This was the episode that finally sold me on Eleven....

I hope we see more of this side of Eleven next season...

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Okay I need to take a moment to squee about all the delicious new promo material for the upcoming dramas The Borgias and Camelot, especially regarding the pairings of Lucrezia/Cesare and Arthur/Morgan respectively.

First of all, though we still don't know to what extent their relationship will be romantic, from the clips and pictures and interviews it certainly seems like Arthur/Morgan will be intense and epic and important, which is just how I like it! :)

'The relationship between Arthur and Morgan and their dual desire for the throne is the key spine of the series.' )

Then there's the fact that The Borgias (which has an even more epic trailer than Camelot's) seems to be pushing the incestuous Lucrezia/Cesare relationship as the epic romance of the series, which is pretty bold and amazing and pleases the d00med!shipper in me very much, lol! ;)  As a long-time Arthur/Morgan(a) shipper I'm used to shipping incest/half-siblings anyway, lol, it doesn't phase me, and from the trailers and pictures it looks like a really gripping and compelling/touching forbidden romance, full of chemistry....I haven't even seen the show yet, and I'm already shipping it SO hard! :p <333 Here's a mini-spam of the shippy promo pics we have so far...

Taking 'brotherly love' a little too far... )

Also I like the look of Cesare so far, he seems sympathetic and really hot.  And of course there's Pope Jeremy Irons, can't go wrong there...I could listen to that voice all day! :)

Anyway, can't wait for these shows to come out!  I remember being so excited when when I first heard about Camelot, and it's good to see it doesn't look disappointing so far....though god, more TV in the spring, lol, at this rate I'll be swamped! :p

In other news I bought my first lottery tickets ever, lol, since the Mega Millions is up to $355 million today, so might as well!  The draw is at 11 pm, lol, we'll see...

EDIT: While looking for the The Borgias trailer to rewatch I also found one for a Spanish movie called Los Borgia in 2006 starring Lluís Homar as Rodrigo Borgia and Paz Vega, which I clearly need to watch now! :D

EDIT 2: Now I've also realized that the icon I used here is even more appropriate than I thought, since the actress playing Young!Morgaine seen there is apparently the same one playing Guinevere now, all grown up!  Another reason to be excited for Camelot...:D  I did love her in MoA, and lol how ironic to go from playing Morgan to Guinevere...

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For my second picspam for the current challenge at [ profile] merlin_land , I decided to focus on my favorite episode of the series, "To Kill the King" (1x12), which I also find to be the most beautiful visually...
I think I love pretty much every scene in this episode, but here are some highlights....(EDIT: not all of them, or even many of them, because I didn't have time to finish it unfortunately before the challenge deadline, but hopefully I will be able to come back and finish this sometime!)

Cut for teh pretty )
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So last week I watched the Doctor Who episode that starred Giles Uther Anthony Stewart Head, one of my favorite actors, and it made me realize all over again just how awesome he is.  So for the latest picspam challenge over at [ profile] merlin_land  I decided to honor and celebrate this true BAMF, whom NGL I still call Giles sometimes in my head...:D

Pictures/Screencaps come from the BAMF's own official website and Emma-Jane.

Why is Anthony Stewart Head (sometimes known as Giles) one badass GQMF?  So many reasons...

The Man, The Myth, The Legend... )

In other news, I also just changed to a new header, also from a [ profile] glenien  wallpaper, just in time for Merlin season 3! :)
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While Sam Winchester of SN probably reigns supreme as the Master of Bitch!faces, the characters in Merlin all possess this talent as well, as seen in this cracky picspam made for [Poll #1582506]
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So with all the hot girl/guy voting off memes floating around my flist, and with Katie not doing as well on them as she should have, I began to prepare a picspam to defend her....which grew bigger and bigger, until it became a legit impromptu picspam! 

Which I then decided needed to be for [ profile] merlin_land, so now that the picspam challenge has been posted, here it is... ;)



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Here is a massive (53 photos!) picspam that I made for [ profile] merlin_land  (Team Morgana ftw!), centered on the epic tragedy that is the relationship between Uther/Morgana, especially in season 2.  I had the Regina Spektor song "Samson" in mind while making this, as IMO Morgana is Uther's sweetest downfall, and the same is true of Uther for Morgana.  Whether you view them romantically or platonically (I enjoy both), I think they are one of the most fascinating dynamics of the show, and this was one of the few relationships on the show that did not utterly disappoint me in season 2. ;)

So in this spam I analyze and trace their relationship (especially its fall) through almost every scene of significance between them in season 2.  Caps by Emma-Jane taken from here.  Enjoy!
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Well as good as Merlin 2x07 and 2x08 were, the last two episodes have made me pissed off at the show (especially the effing writers) all over again, which is annoying! >:(

Mini rant with mild spoilers up through 2x11 preview )

Anyway, with that and the lack of Morgana in general, I'd say it's as good a time as any to post my first ever picspam (naturally it's of Morgana!), specifically about my own vision of her fall from grace and descent into darkness, how *I* think it should go, in a way that wouldn't ruin the character, IMO....I am making and posting this specifically for a challenge on [ profile] merlin_land , an interactive community I participate in, on behalf of Team Morgana, of course! ;) The comm is worth checking out if you ever have the time...

Season 1 pictures only:

Come to the dark side, we have cookies...and now Morgana! )


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